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Mystic Folk
pic by Alex Demirelle

Mystic Folk music is my greatest passion!

The themes of old legends, Celtic feast days troughout the year, the fairies and nature spirits and the moon want to be expressed in my self-written songs.

Likewise the old songs in Irish or Scottish Gaelic and the “Riddarballadar” from Norway and Sweden allure me in a magical way. Their melodies feel so familiar to me.

I am happy that you discovered my virtual realm and invite you to stay a little while. You can listen to relaxing sounds and let your soul unwind until you remember how trees and clouds are sounding like. Feel yourself refreshed by the power of the sun, covered softly in moonlight and look how the stars twinkle cheerfully for you.

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I am very glad that you found your way over here to this site. Thank you for being uniquely who you are.


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