coolMasala – EN

coolMasala – EN

MIGRApolis from 14.12.2009:
CD review coolMasala

… CoolMasala are at home in Berlin, and what ethnicities the musicians belong to, whether they are all German, which I suspect, or whether singer Miriam Carl perhaps has Scandinavian roots, which one can assume given her expertise in singing Swedish and Norwegian songs, cannot be said with absolute certainty. … The German song “Der Baum” written by Miriam Carl is also reminiscent of Walter von der Vogelweide’s “Unter der Linden” and partly of the Scottish mystic folk band Enya.
… The focus of the CD is on the songs with Miriam’s often almost electrifying voice, which can certainly compete with Kerstin Blodig’s (also a Norwegian living in Berlin who sings with Kelpie and Norland Wind), but also contains two Instrumentals, both of Breton provenance, an An Dro and a Hanter Dro, which stand out for something completely unusual in this context, namely the use of a sitar. … and I’m happy about the creativity of these young Berliners, who let musical elements from different origins flow together and realize unusual ideas without turning it into a one-size-fits-all world music. …
written by Michael Schmiedel

Magazin Folker! Edition 2/2006:

CD review coolMasala

The band around Miriam Carl…convinces with a nice mix of old and new European songs and dances…
…a wonderfully melancholic CD sung in the original languages.

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Cover artwork: Annelie Kops
CD release: 01.01.2006
Recording: TOMTOM-Music Production Berlin
Mastering: Track-at-once Studio Berlin
musicians”cool Masala”:
Myriam Carl – vocals, guitar, Tin Whistle
Christian Nocon(Poske) – guitar, sitar, Tin Whistle
Thomas Pertzel – saxophone
Matthias Bautz – Darbuka, Duholla, Riqq, Kenar, Ghatam, Cajon

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