Wheel of the Year – EN

Wheel of the Year – EN

On Novembre 1st, just in time for Samhain, the singer Myriam Carl Ayuna released her album „Wheel of the Year“. It tells about the pagan feasts, about cyclic change, the power of nature and of old Celtic legends. Myriam uses in this album several folkloristic singing styles and sings in six different languages. Four of the songtexts are poems written by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Zeidler, co-founder and leader of the Forum Celtic Studies at the university of Trier. Suitable for the Celtic feasts Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lúnasa and Samhain he wrote beautiful poems in the four Celtic languages Kernewek, Cymraeg, Gaeilge and Brezhoneg. The Goddes Brighid, God Lugh, the Welsh legendary figures Gwythyr and Gwyn ap Nudd as well as quite a few Breton nature spirits are jolly dwelling in the songs.

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Cover artwork: Meraylah Allwood
CD release: 01.11.2023
Recording: Myriam Carl Ayuna
Mastering: Uwe Janßen-Harms Track At Once Studio and Nick Dawes La Source Studio

Musicians “Wheel of the Year”:
Myriam Carl Ayuna – vocals, Celtic harp, lyre, whistles, bodhrán

Maria-Barbara Steinacker – fiddle
Yatziv Caspi – Tablas and percussion 
Ahmad Hani – acoustic bass
Taner Bölük – electric guitar

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