Brigandu – DragonFly – EN

Brigandu – DragonFly – EN

!!! nominated for the German Record Critics’ Prize Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik in the category “Folk and Folklore” !!!

Musiknetzwerk für Frauen Melodiva:
CD review Brigandu – Dragon Fly

“…contains self-written songs that blend well into the overall folky, image-rich style. Gentle harp and flute tones meet oriental percussion, bagpipes and accordion provide further timbres. From old Celtic legends and fabulous stories of bards, knights and elves, the three musicians play atmospheric, dreamy songs that will particularly delight fans of fantasy, folk and the Middle Ages. Anyone who wants to be transported to the realm of the fairies or the world of dragons will really enjoy “Dragon Fly.”
written by Mane Stelzer

Zillo Medieval edition Nr.08/13:
CD review Brigandu – Dragon Fly

“The melancholy of the north, driven by Celtic emotions and on the pulse of oriental percussions, … In addition to traditional pieces… the band has also recorded their own compositions – and they are of surprisingly high artistic standards for a debut! …”
written by Daniela Mühlbauer

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Cover artwork: Katrin Packebusch
CD release: 21.09.2013
Recording: Arne Assmann; Miau-sieur Production
Mastering: Lars Nawrot; collapsemusic und Tino Kowalewsky; 4ling Musikproduktion
Musicians “Brigandu / Dragon Fly”:
Miriam Bohse – vocals, bagpipes, flute, guitar
Myriam Carl – vocals, Celtic harp, guitar, Tin and Low Whistles
Yatziv Caspi – Tablas, Cajon, Udu, Dholak, Percussionour guest musicians:
Arne Assmann – accordeon, vocals
Jaspar Libuda – double bass
Olaf Garbow – Krummhorn,
(tibet.) vocals, frame drum

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