Order USB stick

Order USB stick

wooden USB stick
Specifications: USB 2.0, storage capacity ~ 7.3 GB, formatted for Mac and Windows (exFAT)
Material: walnut wood
Price: 15 EUR for an album on the stick
23 EUR for two albums on the stick
31 EUR for three albums on the stick
and 39 EUR for all four albums on the stick

Shipping within Europe plus packaging costs 4 EUR extra.

How does the ordering process work?

  1. You send me an email using the order form and fill in your album choice and your shipping address.
  2. As soon as I receive your email, I will confirm your order
  3. I will then put the album or albums you want as .WAV files onto the USB stick and send it to you along with an invoice
  4. Once you have received the stick, you will transfer the money to the bank details provided in the invoice.
  5. If the stick got broken on the way, please contact me and we’ll find a solution.

You can use this form to order a wooden USB stick with the album(s) of your choice:

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By using the form or sending me an order directly by email, you automatically agree that I will use your address details (to send you the link) and also store them (I save all invoices on an external hard drive). You can find more information about how I handle data protection here:

And if you have any further questions about the music or the ordering process, please contact me at kontakt(at)myriamcarlayuna.com

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